Custom Heavy Metal, Gamer and DJ Headphones Kickstarter project by Molech Killgore.

molech killgoreI have featured a kickstarter project on Bazingapop before but this is something else. Chicago based graphic artist Molech Killgore has come up with some simply amazing customized headphones that any music lover, especially metal heads will love!

Molech started out pimping up stock headphones with a touch of paint and added some spikes to the mix for extra “flair”. He has moved on technically since then, building his custom cans from scratch, customizing them along the way from the paint-job down to the wiring. The results are pretty amazing!

headphones spikeThe designer would really like to implement 3D printing into his work in the future and has already designed 30 custom molds that would be perfect and are ready for this solution. If 3D printing his headphones was achieved his mold designs are something he would most likely add to his pledge tier too.

His pledge tiers vary from the minimum $1 offer, where backers would be granted access to progress and updates of the project on Kickstarter, listed as a Lil’ Helper on his official website and Facebook page.

cansA $60 pledge would get a custom pair of the headphones designed by you, plus a choice out of three different spike arrays and credited as a Lil’ Helper.

If you were to pledge $10,000 you can choose any headphones you like from the project, as well as being a beta tester for life, receiving any prototypes developed to test and keep. These are just three out of many pledge tiers on offer.


If you are a hardcore gamer, DJ or just a music lover then these creations are something to behold. His goal for this project is $5000, easily achievable with a bit of support. Have a look at his project, which ends June 30th and give him a helping hand. Link below.


Source: Kickstarter

  • Tobi

    At least he was a scammer I think!
    After the project didn´t reach it´s goal he opened a Webshop! I ordered 2 pairs, sent the money and now I got nothing… It´s a shame… (No contact possible anymore since September ´13)

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