Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys – a tribute to ‘MCA’

Today it has been a year since we lost founding member of the Beastie Boys Adam Yauch. If you are reading this as a Beasties fan then you will already be aware of the impact he made on the world both musically and as a human rights activist.

Adam or MCA, (to give him artist title) was a guy of many talents; american rapper, musician (self taught bass guitarist)  film director, the list is endless.

1981-2012 Beastie Boys

1981-2012 Beastie Boys

Through his practice of Buddhism Adam also created the Milarepa Fund, (a none profit organisation), devoted to Tibetan independance.

He was an avid supporter of feminism and in the beasties song ‘Sure Shot’ he sang the lyrics “I want to say a little something that is long overdue, the disrespect of women has got to be through, to all the mothers and sisters and the wives of friends, I want to offer my love and respect to the end”.

We all have that one band that we wish we could of been there to follow from the start and for me, one of those bands were the Beastie Boys. To any real fan, MCA was the kind of person you just instantly warmed to without even having met the guy and the reminder of his passing will still be felt by many worldwide.

MCA back in the day!

MCA back in the day!

The future of the band without him is a solemn thought but as much as his influence will be missed in person, (the boss as the other boys referred to him as) I’m sure Ad-Rock and Mike D will get back up again and when they do we will be there once more to show them support. Only this week it has been announced that the guys have signed a deal to release a book of memoirs due for release in 2015.

Yesterday a touching ceremony was held at Brooklyn’s Palmetto Playground were it was renamed ‘Adam Yauch Park’  in which Ad-Rock spoke fondly of his beloved friend and band mate. Frances Yauch, mother of Adam also made a moving speech about her son in which she mentioned that he had learnt to ride his bike there as a kid.

As for Adam Yauch the talent of this man was second to none and in his role as a humanitarian he will live on inside all of us. R.I.P.

Taken from the album ‘Ill Communication’ a special recording of the single “Sure Shot”.


For more insight into Adams life follow this link to read Brian Hiatt’s revealing June 7th 2012 article ‘The Many Lives of Adam Yauch’, taken from Rolling Stone music archives.

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