Ryo Ishido – Talented composer with new album release ‘One heart One soul’

For anyone who is not yet aware of up and coming composer Ryo Ishido, he is a man of many talents. Special effects coordinator, graphic designer for various gaming companies, and interface designer, with some truly outstanding artwork in his collection. Now, he has set himself the task of becoming a more established composer.

I first discovered his work through a social community site where I stumbled upon the video to the masterpiece, ‘Nobody Dies in Dreamland’, which for any fan of fantasy/fairy tale escapism, is a pure joy to watch.

Intrigued by the concept behind the video, I decided to delve a little deeper into Ryo’s past projects and discovered that his work is much more well-known than first anticipated. Many of his compositions having been used in the gaming world and also in the filming industry, including a moving piece entitled ‘Paramount’ taken from the 2006 political thriller ‘Blood Diamond’.

After chatting to Ryo I realised, this is a guy who has much more recognition still to come, who carries a whole array of promising projects up his sleeve.


“I used to tour with a professional canadian rock band in the 80′s, however I quit making music after realising that we wouldn’t make it big. I decided to go back into graphical work and stayed there for quite some time”

me4“Around 2010, I needed something that would enable me to relax and thought that music would be the ideal solution. A lot has changed though since I last encountered recording; no more reel to reel recording machines, it was also hard  for me to understand all the ‘little’ technical things; Digital audio workstations, virtual instruments and such. However, even an old horse can learn new tricks” 

As for now, music is still just a ‘hobby’ even though I’m currently signed to some trailer houses such as MX and Alpha Dog Music (both U.K) and also Proofsound (Denmark) where I’m composing so-called ‘epic trailer music’. Which is weird as my heart still lies within 80′s pop songs and good ol’ hard rock music”

You have composed some truly beautiful tracks, do you find they have changed since you first started out and which was the first piece that you were really proud of?

Since I got back into music my tracks haven’t changed a great deal, sure, I use some typical clichés but I always like to tell a story within those first 2mins 30 – 4mins . Technically I get a bit better, but I’m always learning and I still can’t read or write a single note!

The first piece I felt “really” proud of was a massive collaboration with a lot of talented musicians entitled ‘Stay’. I wrote this at a very difficult time in my life and it ended up as such a great song.”

It is probably fair to say that you are most well-known for your track ‘Paramount’ which accompanied the film ‘Blood Diamond’, which is such an intense, hard-hitting film. Do you find working on such projects has an effect on you?

“As I mentioned earlier, I like to tell stories and ‘Blood Diamond’ is such a wonderful one. A project such as this really gives me the chance to build a whole new world of emotions. It also had me in line for The Driven Creativity contest held in London, which doubles the fun!”

 ‘Nobody Dies in Dreamland’ is a masterpiece and a work of art in its own right, so atmospheric! What inspires you for such pieces as this?

This track actually started out as a short 30 second demo to show a friend how a certain string library was not as bad as he presumed. The next day I was watching the movie ‘Pans Labyrinth’ and this is inspired me to continue with the short snippet I had just done. It normally takes me weeks to get a track done but this one was different in so many ways”

I noticed that you have done artwork for ‘Did I mention Hell’ by Red Ochsenbein which other composers have you worked alongside and how do you find you learn from each other?

I work for and also with a lot of  well-known composers and I’m learning more each day. I’m 52 now but still a young gun when it comes to composing, so every opportunity I get to watch someone else doing their awesome craft is an honour for me”

 ryo-ishido-oneArtwork for upcoming new album.

Out of all the variety of work you have done, which gives you the most satisfying feeling?

“Always the latest track or the most recent graphical work. As I mentioned above, ‘Stay’ is still the song I like the most although the current one which I’m working on right now could change this. I think some people may be surprised when I come to release it later this year”

Obviously being a composer you must live and breathe music, but what kind of music do you choose to listen to in your own time?

“I listen to all kinds of music, but if I had to pick a collection for a desert Island I would go for Dream theatre , Daft punk and some Prince, aside everything Hans Zimmer has ever wrote for sure!”

Finally, what’s in store for the next chapter of Ryo Ishido’s story?

“Well I’m currently in the middle of finishing the new song I mentioned earlier, it’s been six months in the making now and I still can’t believe the people I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with to get it finished. Besides music projects, I have designed a lot of new sound library interfaces, as well as some new cd cover artwork, I think I may need a break soon!”

One of Ryo’s most breathtaking compositions, as previously mentioned; The video to ‘Nobody Dies in Dreamland’

Support Ryo’s Driven Creativity entry for the piece ‘Nobody Dies in Dreamland’. Click the link to place your vote.

You can also listen to Ryo’s other compositions through his soundcloud page.


  • Rob

    Truth is, this guy had an internet design company in Germany in which he bilked tens of thousands of dollars from both clients and web designers in Europe and the U.S.—our company being one of them. He conveniently changed his name from Ingo Ramin to Ryo Ishido and is now doing music.

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